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Join the CP Risk Profiling Suite early access program

Our Early Access program in Australia is for tech-forward advisers - innovators who are interested in delivering a modern advice experience to their clients.

Modernise your risk advisory experience.

We've designed our Early Access program for early adopters in Australia as a way to thank them for their trust, interest and spreading the word.

You'll gain access to the CP Risk Profiling Suite, with flexibility to size your usage to your needs and the value you receive.

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Express your interest here, and we'll be in touch shortly.

A full-featured, elegantly designed risk advisory experience

Digital Gamified Client Experience

  • Mobile-native

  • Intuitive (2 minutes for clients to complete)

  • Engaging and interactive risk tradeoff activities

  • Branded with your firm logo

Digital Client Meeting

  • Easy-to-navigate pre-meeting PDF report

  • One-click personalised digital client presentation

  • Engaging investment visualisations

  • Custom file notes

Client Revealed Preference Measures

  • Attitude to risk

  • Sensitivity to loss (loss aversion)

  • Decision consistency (to ID vulnerable clients and protect your firm)

  • Preference tracking over time

Investment Suitability and Wealth Projections

  • Model portfolio mapping (to your portfolios)

  • Retirement income and wealth accumulation/decumulation modeling

  • Goal Achievability ratings (risk required vs. risk comfort)

Risk Advisory Experience for Couples

  • Unbiased measurement of each partner's preferences

  • Ability to combine two risk profiles into a household profile

  • Guided client meeting for couples

Compliance, Reporting & Data Security

  • Auto-recording of client completion and agreement

  • Summary of investment proposal

  • Australia-based data-hosting (for security and privacy compliance)

Help your clients make purposeful decisions with their money.